Unique  and excitingIdeas

At Classy Weddings we are always in tune with or ahead of the latest colour trends and styles. We are also proud to offer some unique and exciting items to make your BIG day even m ore special. TAKE A LOOK!

Parasols and Flags

Two astounding unique Classy Weddings Items!

We have lots of pedestals but these are unique.  Our 1.5 metres tall Fantzia ones are stunning.                      Our woodland pedestals with Japanese paper flowers or silk displays are perfect for that rustic touch.

Our silver reindeers are perfect for those festive/wintertime wedding tables. (We have smaller ones and floor standing ones too) Many venues do not now allow confetti and that’s where our professional bubble blowing machine comes in. A profusion of large bubbles to celebrate your marriage. Our pet sitting, pampering at her salon and making sure they can be included in your special day service is second to none. Performed by our fully qualified, fully insured and pet loving Becky.

Tree Lanterns

They light up automatically at night

Ladder Seating Plan

Honeymoon Fund Post Box

A huge old trunk which we would like your guests to fill for you.....in cash!

What about some glamour

and a bit of “posh”

Crystal Table Chandelier with led lights

Unique to Classy

Led lit Crystal Swans

Perfect for the ceremony table, buffet table or even top table

Unique again!

Our Giant Led


come in bright white or multi colour and multi function

Also Rustic

And napkin dressings add a bit of elegance to your tables