Post boxes and Seating plans


All our post boxes are lockable to ensure your cards and gifts are in safe keeping.

All our seating plans come with cards printed in your wedding colours.

Genuine replica GPO box comes complete with label with your names and wedding date

“Posty” floor standing box.

Wishing Well.

Perfect for those country themed weddings.

Country Box with lectern for your guest book and “Little House”

Our “show stopping” Vintage Heart mirror seating plan. Decorative easel included.

Can also be decorated with fresh flowers

Stressed washed wood easel and square wood mirror

French shabby chic easel

with wicker heart


Glamorous gold inlaid mirror and easel.

Vintage clock

set at your wedding time.

And finally....our unique

Honeymoon Fund Box.

A very large old trunk which we hope will be filled with lots of cash for that  all important honeymoon!

Plain shiny edged mirror and easel or lacey cut out design

Our silver mirrors and easel are wedding perfect!

White washed steps


rustic ladder

unique to Classy

Our new Rustic wood plan

Also unique to Classy!

Another unique new item!

Our mirror stand seating plan.

Very Classy!